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The kitchen is the centerpiece and heart of your home. Family and friends gather there. You socialize, create meals, and maybe even eat in the kitchen. With an Asheville kitchen design from Mason Elliott Designs, you’re assured of starting your day in a tranquil, organized atmosphere. Take ideas from the selections below and add your personal flair for a final masterpiece that reflects your unique tastes and needs.

Kitchen and Bath Designer

Mason Elliott


Traditional kitchen design elements accentuate intricate features and a formal, enduring style. The timeless elegance of traditional Asheville remodeling plans often blends elements inspired by nature, such as wood, stone, and glass.


Features may include:

  • Crown molding and other ornamental trim

  • Raised panel doors

  • Antique fixtures and appliances

  • Cabinets in cherry, walnut, and mahogany


Modern, contemporary kitchen design in Asheville tends to be more geometric and minimalist. Cabinets have sleek, clean lines. A contemporary kitchen is highly functional and often incorporates smart-home technology. drpeal


Features may include:

  • Horizontal lines, asymmetry and lack of molding

  • Stainless steel, laminate, glass, concrete and chrome

  • Scandinavian and European influences

  • Frameless cabinets with oversized hardware


Personalized kitchen and bath remodeling in Asheville perfectly blends contemporary and traditional elements for a transitional style. Get creative as you mix the old with the new for a flexible, unique design that showcases your personality. jones


Features may include:

  • Streamlined profile mixed with traditional wood like oak

  • Natural surfaces made of marble or granite

  • Simple accents with pared-down accessories

  • Bamboo flooring


Rustic custom cabinets in Asheville mix perfectly with the mountain scenery. Bring nature inside with an open floor plan and wide wood ceiling beams. Showcase your modern side with new appliances that ideally support a rustic backdrop of informal elegance.


Features may include:

A simple color scheme with large windows

Farm tables on stone floors

Hickory, knotty pine, beech, and alder woods

Original architectural details such as an old stone wall


Quality and craftsmanship are hallmarks that your Asheville remodeling designer relies on to create your Arts and Crafts kitchen. Straight, simple lines define this style created in the early 20th century to reflect a wholesome, comforting simplicity.

Features may include:

  • Natural, neutral colors

  • Recessed panel doors

  • Stained glass lighting fixtures and windows

  • Built-in seating


Rustic and robust, old world style kitchen design in Asheville relies on big, freestanding pieces that invite the family to linger. With a welcoming atmosphere that’s still elegant, old-world style kitchens blend class with a touch of the European country.


Features may include:

  • Dark wood floors

  • Intricate moldings

  • Pewter or copper accents

  • Mosaic Tiles


Your kitchen designer in Asheville enjoys the color variations and the cheery, welcoming styles of mountain country kitchens. A country kitchen remodel in Asheville is warm, comfortable and beautiful, evoking a simple, natural life.


Features may include:

  • Checked, floral, plaid, striped and gingham patterns

  • Handmade, hand-forged antiques and flea-market finds

  • Beadboard, wainscoting, and paneling

  • Chicken wire or metal cabinet inserts

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