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How important is the decision concerning the style of the hood that you select for your kitchen? On what basis will you, your appliance salesperson or your designer make that decision?  What purpose does a hood serve? Should it be wood, metal or glass,  chimney or under the cabinet? How do you determine what size hood to use and what about CFM's?. What codes do you have to meet to satisfy the city or county inspectors? We can help answers to these questions and many more...

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Tip of the week!

How many different tasks do you think take place at this desk area? When planning your remodel make a list of all the ways you would use the space. Printer storage, sorting the mail, file storage, charging drawer.   What would you add? Think through your schedule for a few days and make a list of what would be important to you. Prepare to work through your list with your designer and you will be grateful for years to come.

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When selecting all the various items in your kitchen remodel you want them to work together to say what style you are trying to create. In this Arts and Craft style home,  the texture of the split face stone on the backsplash,  the antique hammered copper farm sink, distressed creamy white cabinetry, granite countertops and the dark bronze textured glass light fixtures took advantage of the existing tiger wood floor and all played a role in developing a space that perfectly fit the home. To prepare for your dream kitchen remodel take all elements of the space into consideration before making specific selections. Having a vision before you begin makes the process so much easier. If you feel overwhelmed begin with a search on google or Houzz for a professional in your area then look at their reviews and photography and call them for a consultation, Interview them to be certain they are a good fit for you and you may save yourself a lot of pain.

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Remodeling your kitchen can be a daunting task and knowing where to begin may seem hopeless. Do your research and, in writing, develop a process to guide your thinking. Consider searching for an experienced designer in your area who has several excellent reviews and schedule an appointment to help you think through your options. As in every industry find someone who has great listening skills, a passion for what they do,  technical knowledge and photography of completed work and your confidence will grow exponentially. Don't begin until you are confident that you can trust the person you are working with. you will have to live with the choices you make, ( They won't ) and you don't want to be disappointed.

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Tip of the week!


Your Dream Kitchen Remodel begins with the way you and your family live.  When looking at the available space I suggest that you go thru your existing kitchen and make a list of all the items you use at each work station. Divide the work station spaces into, food storage, prep, cooking and clean up, if you do a lot of baking make that a separate space. Ideally, at each work station, you should have everything you need at your fingertips. Think thru the process of preparing three or four of your favorite meals and everything that meal requires at each station. Knowing how you work and live in your kitchen will help your kitchen designer enormously. As always, search for a designer in your area with great reviews and give them the best information you can to assist you and turn your kitchen remodel dream into reality.  

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Do you know what the color palette for your home is now? Before remodeling any space we need to realize that it is important to see the big picture. Look at each room and determine the dominant colors in your home. Do they flow well from one room to the other? What about your fabrics? Try taking some photos and printing them or post them to a story board and develop an overall view of the colors you are working with.

Go to this Pinterest link:, select a pin that comes closest to the color palette that you are working with and then begin to select products for that bath or kitchen remodel that have color tones that coordinate with your color palette. 

When you are uncertain where to begin,  read blogs by leading authorities on the subject. .My go-to blog for insight into understanding shades and undertones is a blog by a color authority that I have grown to respect,

Don't get discouraged when you don't immediately understand the information. Keep reading and thinking about it until you do. If you are still uncertain, google, interior designers in your area and read their reviews, then call your top choice for a consultation. You will have much more confidence in your final selections, remove a lot of pressure and have peace of mind.  It will be the best investment you make in your project.

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When considering a kitchen remodeling project it is important to begin with clearly thought out goals that you want to accomplish. In this 1960s Ranch kitchen remodel, one of my primary goals was to give the room a lighter, more airy, spacious feel. The original plan had a single 30'' window so I designed in a bay window that not only allowed much more light into the space but offered a place to create a small spice garden which also allowed us to add color and life. We were also able to add height to the former 8' ceiling height by taking out the ceiling joist and raising the ceiling several feet. Additionally, we placed glass-fronted cabinetry on each side of the window and added a mirrored backsplash. Together with white painted cabinetry and the previously mentioned changes the space was transformed from dark and dungy to a very cheerful and appealing kitchen remodel

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When you are planning to change or add a backsplash in your kitchen there is much to consider. You want to consider the undertones in your countertop, floor tile, cabinetry, and wall color. Textures are also very important. I am attaching a link to a good article that will add a great deal to your information arsenal. If you are still uncomfortable contact a designer in your area with good reviews for verification of your selection or schedule a consultation. It is a big decision and you want to get it right. If I can help contact me at

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