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lf you are looking to renovate your kitchen or bath in a modern farmhouse style, you may be wondering how to keep a farmhouse look updated. What are the new trends in the farmhouse style? We have the latest on the farmhouse trend and where the style is headed in 2021 and beyond.

What is the Modern Farmhouse Style?

The modern farmhouse style brings the best elements of rustic living into the 21st century. A modern farmhouse kitchen or bath will be comfy, relaxing, and charming, but all with a layer of practicality. Modern farmhouse enthusiasts mix the old with the new and the upscale with the flea market to create a space all their own. Modern farmhouse elements frequently incorporate nature, like exposed wood or stone, but in a way that does not seem cold or uninviting. The modern farmhouse style is trending for its livability and coziness. Here are some ways to incorporate farmhouse elements into your kitchen or bath to get the most out of this popular style.

Wood Choice Trends

One trend in the modern farmhouse style is a shift toward lighter colored woods. One of the most popular we have seen is a rift-cut white oak for use in cabinetry. White Oak is dense and durable - perfect for the practical nature of modern farmhouse decor. The color options within white oak can range from white to light brown. Using a rift cut on white oak maximizes the wood's vertical grain while reducing the flake, the patterns in the wood that look like rays or flares. Flake is a prominent feature on a quarter cut but is minimized by the rift cut. The smooth lines of the rift cut create a clean, modern take on the farmhouse trend.

Finish Color Trends

Just like the lighter colored wood choices are in, so are lighter colored finishes. The 2Q21

Modern Farmhouse kitchen or bath is light and breezy - no dark or depressing hues need apply. White, gray, or greige can finish off your modern farmhouse look or add a modern farmhouse feel to any room. lf you are looking for more color than these neutrals, light blues and greens are right on trend. For a subtle compromise, pick a gray that has a blue or green undertone.

Clean, simple lines

The modernization of a nostalgic farmhouse look includes a return to clean, simple lines. Leave the Victorian look for the Downton Abbey fans. The modern farmhouse kitchen or bath will have unembellished, uncomplicated features. Skip the ornate accessories if you want to incorporate a modern farmhouse look into your space.

Unique Shelving

Another way to incorporate a trendy aspect of the modern farmhouse look is to get creative with your shelving. lnstead of closed-off cabinetry, try exposed shelving for your dishes. lf you want to mix it up in the bathroom, try adding a ladder shelf for your towels. You can use chunky reclaimed wood for floating shelves as an accent in either the kitchen or the bath. lf you use industrial-looking brackets to hold up the wood, it will fit perfectly within the modern farmhouse motif.

Another hot new trend in modern farmhouse design is the pegboard. The pegboard shines in practicality, a must in modern farmhouse looks, but also allows for creativity when you want to change up your decor. You could utilize this new trend in a farmhouse kitchen as a replacement for the backsplash. Or add an accent pegboard in the bathroom for a unique way to store your toiletries. This flexible accessory will give you plenty of options in storage and display.

Eclectic combinations

A significant feature of the modern farmhouse look is the eclectic combinations that it provides. The comfy couch next to the sleek side tables. The rustic table with the industrial metal chairs. The antique store signs on top of the upscale stove. lf you want to incorporate some modern farmhouse style in your kitchen or bath, a little mix-and-match is a great way to do it.

Sink Choice

lf you want to channel the modern farmhouse look into your appliances, you could make a statement with your sink. Farmhouse sinks are typically large, deep, single-basin sinks. A popular style of farmhouse sink is the apron sink, which features an exposed apron front. Farmhouse sinks are not only for the kitchen, however. An apron sink in the bathroom could add some unique charm to your design. Most farmhouse sinks are porcelain and white, but you can find other materials and colors to fit your space.

Common Mistakes in Modern Farmhouse Design People make a few mistakes when they try to incorporate the modern farmhouse look into their homes. One is leaning too hard into one aspect of the look. The beauty of modern farmhouse design is in the mix of styles that it has. You cannot rely too much on the kitschy or the nostalgic elements, or your look may get too clunky or tacky.

Another mistake in the modern farmhouse look is not to take the rest of your home into account. You don't want to go all-in on the modern farmhouse look if the rest of your house is decorated in a drastically different style. lf you like certain elements, feel free to incorporate a few things here and there, but make sure that your modern farmhouse room still jives with the rest of your decor.

A final mistake is to incorporate only the passe elements of modern farmhouse into your space. lf you are looking to renovate your kitchen or bath in a modern farmhouse style, there are some elements that you may want to stay away from, as they've been done a little too much. One of these is shiplap. Chip and Joanna Gaines popularized shiplap on the HGTV show Fxer Upper in 2013, so using it in 2021 may be seen as a few years too late. Another bygone trend is the reclaimed barn door or the repurposed pallet. While modern farmhouse uses wood elements throughout the space, a few too many barn doors and pallets have been used to be still considered trendy. Finally, distressed wood is an outgoing trend. Keep it classy and smooth, like the rift-cut wood we discussed above.

lf you want to add some elements of a modern farmhouse design into your kitchen or bath, you may need help to make the details work with your existing space. Contact Mason Elliott Designs for your renovation or remodel, no matter what your current home's style is. We can help you create a trendy and classic space, perfect for your individual needs.


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